Everything is Connected

Bullet Proof Consulting

I had an epiphany of sorts about how so much is connected and want to share the highlights with you. Before I begin, let me ask you one question.

If your life were a tree, what fruit would it bear?

Autumn is now here, and most of the harvesting from most of the trees is complete. Think back to the abundance of the summer. Can you identify your life with any particular fruit or nut? Soon the pinecones will fall. Do they hold any meaning to your life? The deciduous forests are beginning to change colour, and soon those trees will be naked. Any part of this familiar in your life?

Honestly, I don’t know what tree sums up my life. It’s the second part, the fruit-bearing part; I find fascinating.

We all put great effort into our lives. Personally and professionally. And great effort generally yields excellent results.

Great effort means the part about what we pay attention to, what we read, and what we do. ‘Excellent results’ get somewhat murky because there is always a massive correlation between what you see and what you expect to see; what you intend and what you project.

Can you see the way you think, feel, and believe reflected in the material world? Can you see the way you think, feel and believe reflected in the people you associate with?

Everything is intrinsically connected.

Magic flows through you from the unseen world into the world you perceive. Moving from the realm of non-ordinary reality to ordinary reality, you birth ideas and thoughts into form and bring your most cherished desires to fruition. We both know not all ideas will bear sweet fruit. Sometimes we reap a terrible and bitter harvest based on our sense of our personal narrative and our assumptions about others.

The most potent and fertile season of your life is when you are particularly good at making things happen with minimal effort. This is why it is essential to pay close attention to your actions, from personal to business relationships.

And if you don’t like what your life is yielding, prune the proverbial tree and get into alignment with what genuinely lights you up because all of us bring forth into this world, that which we pay most attention to and hold within as our truth.

If your life were a tree, what fruit would it bear?

Do you believe your tree has given everything it can, or is there more inside waiting to come forth? Believe everything is connected.  And if you have more, be clear about what you intend. And take up the great effort to make it so. We only have but one life.

Change your thinking for the better