Turn Negatives into Positives

Over the last few weeks, I have had several conversations with very different people. The topics too are varied — their messaging, why they aren’t where they thought they’d be financially, how their sales efforts have stalled for quite a while and even the best way to be seen and heard.

What is most fascinating is all the conversations can be distilled to the exact, same, identical sentiments. Every person, at some point during our conversation, expressed at least one of the following.

“What’s the matter with (name your least favourite leader, company, industry, country)? Why can’t they get on board with this? They are sooooo faaarrr behind. It isn’t good. I can’t get their attention, and they really NEEEED what I’ve got.”

Aside from the fact that humans no longer pay much attention and need at least seven but probably closer to twenty different ‘hits’ before they wake up and realize someone is trying to get their focus, I have noticed a definite shift in the marketplace. I think it has a lot to do with the news and social media hits we get.

Especially over the last ten years, everything seems to have become so much darker, more sensationalized, and so very polarizing. For too many of us, the pandemic has been the last straw. We all crave more sunshine, lightness, safety, humour, and, frankly, more honesty.

Here’s my radical idea

Turn your negativity and your stale messages into lights of positivity and freshness.

Admittedly, this is not always easy to do, and you may need to engage the services of someone to help you.

Please consider changing tactics if you play anywhere near the diversity, inclusion, equity, racism, black lives matter, LGBTQ2S, ageism, and indigenous lanes. Stop the fear-mongering and guilt-inducing, the ‘you MUST do else you’re so behind,’ the get with the program, and the ‘check this box’ messaging. Nobody hears you. Or wants to listen to you. Instead, find the few companies that DO do the stuff right and hold them up as examples for the rest of us to follow. Learn a little or a lot about how they were successful. Share those lessons widely.

If you like to sell with false urgencies – for this time only, this low price won’t last, you’ve got to get in on this before it sells out — STOP. None of us like to be under the gun for anything. None of us care about your agenda to sell stuff. Give us space. Lots of space. Back off. Gently nudge. We’ll catch up.

Do you love to connect with people for the express purpose of selling your wares? (Don’t lie. We all do!) Instead of random notes about how fabulous it is that you can help, a more constructive approach is to invite someone for a chat and specifically say, “This is not a sales call. I will not pitch you at all. I promise.” Think I don’t understand your need to make money? I do!  And this one change is the best way to remove all those barriers we ALL put up. It’s a masterful way to clear out the defence mechanisms. It is also a powerful way to never get a second chance if you fail to honour that promise too.

If you play in bankruptcy, last-resort lending, any non-bank lending, compliance, or even law lanes, change your message from ‘get out of trouble’ to ‘find/have a different way/life.’ Honestly, the people you are helping and want to help KNOW they are in trouble. They aren’t happy about the situation, and they come to you with a ton of emotional baggage. Play up all the positives. Show them how their new life can be better.

Sell them hope

Every CEO, president, entrepreneur, founder, leader, manager and human being needs a level of hope—some more than others. You CAN be the hero to so many more if you reframe those standard negatives into something significantly more positive.

Feel like bouncing an idea around? I NEVER pitch on the first call. Feel safe in booking time with me here.

Change Your thinking