Three Plus One Ideas

It’s been a lazy, hazy kind of week in the summer. Here are three ideas plus one extra – just for you.

Idea #1

J.S. Park has worked as a hospital chaplain for eight years and has been at the sides of hundreds of beds belonging to the dying. He said he’s had one huge realization.

Most of these people, at the end of their lives, realize they’ve spent most of their life hiding. They wished they were themselves more.

They wished they had taken a few more risks.

They wished they didn’t worry so much about what people thought.

They wished they stepped out of the dark and into the light.

The end of our life is far too late.

Stop hiding. Stop being so afraid. The worst that can happen isn’t what your brain imagines. Most of what you do will go unnoticed.

Live fearlessly. Or at least with more courage.

Idea #2

The grind-set mindset is a virus. Yup, you may need to work hard; however, here’s what I’ve learned:

Rest as hard as you work.

A tired mind is a useless mind. A person who never stops to enjoy life will see it pass by and have regrets. There are no awards for hard work.

There are big prizes for people who do things in life and have experiences. Interesting people are a result of their experiences.

The best rest is sleep. The second best is mindfulness.

Try either or both. You’ll see.

Idea #3

Planning is what many people do for their entire lives.

They never get around to “doing,” though. What holds us back is the idea that an action has to be perfect or A-grade. The challenge with planning is that results are unpredictable.

You’re better off running small experiments in your life (to see what works for you) than trying to overthink ways to have the perfect action take place.

I much prefer to say I’m experimenting. It saves my sanity and inspires those who like to watch.

Bonus!!! Idea #4

Originality is overrated.

Nothing new or useful has been dreamed up in at least 50 years.

It’s tough to be original, and you and I are so very NOT a genius like Einstein.

Instead, try to become a curator of ideas.

Find the best ideas, then share them. Take existing ideas and remix them or blend them with other ideas.

It’s what I have done my entire life. And what I am doing right now for you.

Become a master curator like me.

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