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Last month the post about endless possibilities caused a commotion.  While most agreed with me, the common question, was ‘where do I start?’  Let me explain.

You have a big dream. A fantastic idea you would love to happen in your life. Could be a personal goal, a business ambition or even a wild and crazy idea you always wanted to take a swing at. You might have got the fever when you were very young, or even when you aged a bit. 

When was the last time you thought about your big dream? If you are like most of us, you gave up on it a long time ago. And that is normal. You got married, had kids, an amazing (or not so amazing) career. Or maybe you kick-started your new venture and somewhere along the way, you lost your piss and vinegar. Debt, responsibilities, family, work and a million other priorities always tumble in and take precedence.

Does your big dream still tease you once in a while?

If you are like most of us, thoughts of ‘what could have been’ or ‘wonder what would have happened’ or even, ‘crap, I shoulda done that anyway,’ continually bombard us. And at the worst times too. Which leads us to daydream about all the good stuff we missed out on. Which leads to what I call the mother of all excuses. If only.

If only, she or he had not done x. If only, I had not been there at that time. If only, my luck wasn’t always so bad. If only, I had better education. Less responsibilities. If only, I had a better network. If only, I had a time machine. If only.

Do you know YOU have control over all the if onlys?

If you are like most of us, you’re reading this now with a strong urge to gag. Because you know you are completely different. Your circumstances are entirely NOT LIKE anyone else. And we, the outsiders, have no idea what you have been thru, all the pain and frustration you have endured to get where you are today. So, why would you believe you have any control over the if onlys?

There is one ONLY thing you need to get back on the path to your dream

If you are like most of us, you are skeptical at that statement. And you can immediately dispense a million excuses. Which will convince you that your dream is a complete impossibility. That you can’t be in seven places at once. That the path you are on must always be the one because of ‘name your reason.’ Because you are different.

You will convince yourself that your dream can’t be accomplished because you don’t have enough money. That you don’t have enough education. That you have all these other things going on right now. Things that block you from getting back to ever making that big dream, that fantasy real.

Here is what I DO know

You are NOT like most of us. There is still something burning deep inside of you that wants to come out and play. Yes, you’re tired of all the damned excuses you have allowed yourself to be consumed by. You want to believe that your education, financial limitations or impediments are not important. And yes, you believe, where there is a will, there is always a way. By golly, the only thing you need is a roadmap.

Here’s the truth

Just start. Put one foot in front of the other. Begin—a tiny step. The roadmap will appear. Every day, just start. The ideas do come, and the way does show up. One tiny step. And your world begins to shift. You unsteadily move forward an inch. And yes, you still do worry about what if it all fails and collapses. To which I say, so what?

Here’s a different way to look at it

Just start. What if what shows up is BETTER than what you dreamed for? Begin – a tiny step. What if what happens is completely beyond your comprehension today and turns out way better? You unsteadily move forward an inch. What if what happens is better, more impactful and way more prosperous than what you fantasized about?

How would you feel if all that and more came your way?

Take it from someone who has been in your shoes. Just start. Your future is brighter than you can ever imagine.

Should you feel a bit of help is something you need for the ‘just start’ piece, I am here for you.

Just start.

Change your thinking for the better