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Building Better Business Relationships

These days, one of the hot topics I frequently get asked about is relationship building. Since I have never been a formal salesperson, this might seem kinda strange to some. Business relationships, though — now that part is an area I have always done pretty good with. It’s not that the whole relationship-building concept is […]

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A Plan, A Goal, A Vision, A Why. What???

As a business owner, you are bombarded with aggressive, strong and ‘manly’ messages. You have heard all of them. “You gotta have a Plan.” “Push to your Goal.” “Stay focussed on your Vision.” Articulate your Why.” Honestly, it’s enough to make your head spin, isn’t it? I’d like to tell you why most of this […]

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Commitment. Obsession. Perfection. Excellence.

Check out this quote about commitment! “Too often, commitment was measured by how many hours you were willing to work. But commitment is best measured not by the time one is willing to give up, but by the energy one wants to put in.” –Eugene O’Kelly What a way to change your perspective, right? Eugene […]

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