One Act of Kindness Especially this Month

Do you remember in January when I invited you to join me in the Random Acts of Business Kindness? During 2019,  I have posted a RAofBK — every single month. Some of you have joined with me, some of you rolled your eyes and still, others watched from the sidelines.

We have come to the end of the program. This last one is so powerful, I wanted to give it to you earlier than usual.

December is the month we all think the most about goodwill towards others. In that spirit, I invite you to do two things. First, catch someone doing something right. Then second, acknowledge them – out loud and in public.

(It is entirely up to you whether you choose to smile while you do it.)

Business IS Personal. And this month is the best time of the year because everybody can afford to be a bit more personal in all their interactions and communications with others.

There is so much good right in front of our eyes.

Yet most of us don’t notice — we are so preoccupied with our personal lives. That is why I invite you to do something different, particularly this month. Step outside your head chatter, and look around.

When you see someone doing something right, just tell them. Out loud and in public. Spread as much cheer and goodwill towards others as you can. It might require a bit of bravery although trust me–you will be surprised at the effect it has on the other person as well as yourself.

I am not talking about heroic things; I am talking about simple things.

Like someone holds the door for you, a hassled sales clerk gives you decent service, your neighbour – always smiling and rarely complaining, and your employees deliver that report on time or even spontaneously organize something fun and spirited. Your kids, unprompted do a task for you, your spouse makes your favourite you-fill-in-the blanks and even your parents who help you unfailingly.

You may want to go here on the website to see the entire list of twelve Random Acts of Business Kindness I have shared this year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me in making an impact in our worlds.

Your one act of Kindness for December is two simple steps. Catch someone doing something right. And tell them you noticed.  Then tell me!

To your success!