Time To Change Your Dream?

About your dream.

I relearned another lesson this week. And you may find it helpful.

I’ve been researching and taping several upcoming episodes of my podcast Exploring Compassionate Capitalism. And watching the games being played in Egypt as the world leaders try to agree on just one thing.

Horribly, I found myself falling deep into the pits of despair.

(In a nutshell: the problem is not climate change. The problem is man’s greed. And right now, we have barely 30% left of all the resources we had even 50 years ago.)

Back to the pits of despair.

It has been several years since things looked bleak to me. So, I was shocked at the feelings of overwhelm, gloom and despair. It was almost like a reunion of sorts. And then I remembered.

When we allow our imagination to run amok and dream up a bunch of nightmares that drive us wonky, we forget we can change to a new dream. Whatever happened in the past can change today because we dream anew.

See, when we want to wake up from the opinion that everything is wrong, we only need to open our eyes and consciously dream a better dream.

And that is precisely what I have almost always done my entire life and what I did this week again.

Instead of dwelling on all the negatives, I focused on all the positives. (And yes, there are so many concerning our planet’s future.)

So, please hear me if something has got you down these days.

What would it look like to already have what you desire and be the one you wish to be?

How might it feel to work toward co-creating this new dream as a reality in the world of the senses, drawing it out of the world of dreams and building it in the world of form?

Trust in your ability to dream anew and honour it today.

Spinning mirror ball for BPYBN