The Law of Abundance

Bullet Proof Consulting

Last week, I had the strangest call. A prospect was grilling me about how I might help him. At some point, he got a bit spicy and announced,

“You have watched the Secret and have bought into the Law of Abundance.”

Say what? I have never gotten past the first five minutes of the movie, I don’t believe a wish and a prayer solves every problem, and I have no idea what the Law of Abundance is.

I stayed as polite and charming as I could, finished the call and immediately pulled up Professor Google.

Here is what I found.

The Law of Abundance states that there is enough money, food, opportunity, love, compassion, wellness, and light for all of us. Well yeah!

I never understood the whole ‘beat up the competition,’ ‘grab more market share,’ and ‘elbow’ ones way to the top. I have always believed there is more than enough of everything.

That is probably why I refuse to cower when the competition stops by, why I am thrilled when colleagues and friends are promoted and have more than I do, and even when I freak about money and budgets (or the lack thereof) how I know I am only venting.

Because there is something greater than me that makes sure I never run out.

Professor Google also said 

Those who believe in the Law of Abundance follow the thought that life is abundant. They experience abundance freely and see it in humanity — everywhere. Again, yeah!

Those who know me well say I am a cheerful and uplifting person. Absolutely, yes, I do have my pity party days. But those days don’t define me, don’t change my belief that all people are basically good and never change my focus to just ‘all about meemeemeemeemeemee.’

Now I can’t say this viewpoint does anything to manifest my goals. But it does allow me to float above all the boring, trivial and petty issues that abound. And stay focussed on what is truly important.

Professor Google also says the Law of Abundance states that you attract every positive or negative event. To attract abundance, you have to draw the right energy to you and around you. You have to know how to attract positivity instead of negativity.

Hmmm. Most days, I choose not to see the negativity. Instead, I look for the beauty, the opportunity, the lessons, so yes, the positivity. Those are everywhere. Please don’t interpret this as I don’t see the hurt, the illness, the disease, the injustices and even the wars. I DO see them, feel the pain deeply and of late, seem to cry at the sight and sound of any tragedy.

What I try very hard to always do is find the silver lining. That sliver of decency and goodness. Appreciate what we all have and not be preoccupied with what we lost or don’t have.

At the end of the day, I’ll happily accept I have always tried to find the goodness and best in everything. And, if that falls under the Law of Abundance, count me in.

Because here is what I know for sure.

Whether we believe it or not is not nearly as important as what we think, write, talk, and do. If we spend most of our day criticizing and playing armchair critic, well …. Negativity is what always will come back to us.

On the other hand, if we spend most of our day seeing the beauty of everything, abundance always comes back to us.

We all need to be careful with the quality of our thoughts and deeds. Keep the calibre of them very high.

That way, the right, the best, the most excellent always finds you. And you, too, can enjoy the fruits of the Law of Abundance.