It’s Our Cynicism, Silly

The 5Cs
The 5Cs
It's Our Cynicism, Silly

What does the cloak of cynicism have to do with masterful communication?  Absolutely everything.  The world has changed and so too has the way people receive messages.  Therefore, like everything else, we need to shake up the status quo and make some changes.  Why, you ask? To counteract — 

-The Business-Leader Double Life

Far too many of us are eco-warriors at home but profit-driven executives at work. This dichotomy raises a critical question: Why hasn’t the message of environmental stewardship permeated the corporate psyche? As we pondered this, it became clear that the pursuit of short-term often overshadows the long-term health of our planet.

-The Battle for Beliefs

Corporate propaganda and lies have been slowly and systematically destroyed over the past fifty years.  Yet many of us continue to believe the wrong facts.  To make informed decisions, we must first dismantle the myths we’ve been sold.

-The Psychological Despair 

This is not about succumbing to despair, but about harnessing it as a catalyst for change. It’s about transforming our anxiety into a powerful force for positive action, and that begins with how we talk about the climate crisis.

-The Detrimental Impact of our Defense Mechanism 

Many of us who don the cloak of Cynicism spread the poison that seeps into every facet of life, from our health to our economy. But it’s particularly toxic when it comes to leadership and environmental advocacy. The impact is not just personal, but societal. It’s time to recognize and address this issue.

I leave you with many ideas to rethink your roots, adjust your perspective, amend your messaging and memorialize your messages.  


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