Look Back. Flex Forward.

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When I look back, seven years ago, I was in my second week of living my new life. Not even three months before, my mother had died. One month earlier, the streptococcal meningitis bug had selected me as its next victim. And here I was in the hospital trying to make sense of how to walk, talk, and, most importantly, get back my beautiful life again.

Why on earth am I going on about seven years ago?

Change, disruption, ruin, and rebirth are almost always the best things that can happen to us. But, sadly, it takes us years to see the lessons and the beauty and bounty we received.

You see, our lives are in a constant state of flux. Like the four weather seasons, we have periods of winter – where everything is dormant, frigid, and unforgivingly barren. Yet, we also have summers and autumns filled with abundance and beauty and bounties galore. So, as we all begin our 2022 spring season, we are energized and hopeful for the goodness we know is on its way.

So why, then, do we humans insist our lives MUST go backwards ‘to the way things were before’ when we hit a speed bump or even a concrete barrier?

Look Back

I’d like you to think about seven years ago or even five years or even one single year ago. What was your life like then? How were you feeling? How focused were you on your family? Your career? Your business? Yourself?

Now compare that time to right now.

What has improved in your life since then? Whether you sold your home or still own the same house, your equity has increased on paper. If your kids left the nest, their careers have begun. If your kids still live with you, marvel at the wonders they have become. Maybe you got married or had your first or second or third child. Or perhaps you became part of the grands group. Are you still working? Same job or different? Same business or different? How do you personally feel these days compared to the period you are looking at?

I’ll wager your life is better. Much better. Even if you survived a horrible illness, went through a nasty divorce, lost your job, or had someone you love pass away.

Because whether we can see it right now or not, we have benefited immensely from all the stuff that got in our way. The stuff that caused us to make a u-turn in every part of our life. The horrible stuff that shook us to our very core.

Here’s the thing.

All that stuff made you stronger! And more resilient! And more likeable and loveable! And more caring and compassionate!

You’ve come a long way in that short time. Can you feel it? Can you see it?

Flex Forward

If your life had NOT had those pivots, those u-turns and those ugly moments, you would be incredibly dull, relatively weak and ineffective, and mired in the unappealing thought processes of then, not now.

Please look at how far you have come. Yes, you likely had some help along the way (maybe a shoulder to cry on, an arm to lean on, an ear to complain to), yet today, you still stand tall. Stronger than you ever knew you could be. Feeling more powerful, lucky, or even blessed.

Flex those new muscles. Because from now on, those are the muscles you will rely on. Look at it this way. You, your spirit, and even your body have evolved. You are a better version of yourself.

What will you do with that better version of yourself? Here’s an idea —

Can you harness all that goodness and share it with others? Can you take the new version of you and make a bigger impact now?

I know you can!

Change Your thinking