Your BRAIN Is Your Best Goal Achieving Tool

Recently, a client rejected all my partner’s beautiful story ideas and my money making business ideas and instead opted to go with boring, small, and trivial.  The reason:  her fear.

I am not annoyed that she rejected our ideas. I am annoyed because she is seventy-two years old and still afraid. Afraid of the (proven) success road map we created for her.

All she needed to do was follow the road map we designed. It was not a complicated path; it was just different from what she was used to. I had scaled it back from a one year sprint to a graceful three-year leap. Staged, tiered, staggered. One she could gently ease into.

Despite all that, she was stuck in her fear mode.

Today I shrug and know she will never make it to the end point we drew for her. We did our best, though … we shone our light, and she chose to follow her own path, led by her fear.

I am reminded of the opening quote in my first book. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Mr. Mandela was oh so wise.

When I think of all the bad bosses, all the bad clients, all the bad neighbours and yes, the bad family members and friends in my life, the fundamental unifying emotion that tied them together was fear.

It is easier to stay glued in the morass of today than to try for the something different of tomorrow. Far better to give up, blame someone or something else than to man up or face up or whatever up and say I will try this. I will tackle this. I. Will. Be.

Nearly two and a half years ago, I learned first hand our brain is our goal achieving machine.

Trust me when I shout from the roof tops. We humans have within us, between our ears, the most amazing tool. Better than our cars, our laptops, our i-phones. And this most amazing tool will give us anything we want.

Because our brains cannot distinguish the difference between reality and imagination. Really! We can tell it whatever we want. As long as we believe it, our brain will make it all happen.

Have you noticed that every single day, we are surrounded by negativity and fear? It’s on the TV, in the media – both social and old fashioned – at the water cooler and on our phones.

In fact, for most of us, negativity and fear are almost inescapable. We allow it to bombard us almost every single waking moment. But our brains do not pass judgement, they just receive and collect.

We humans have become truly garbage-in-garbage-out creatures. The only way to slow down or stop it is to flush out the negativity and fear.

How you ask? Flood your brain with messages of prosperity, of hope, of happiness, and of abundance.

I teach the six levels of gold in the winning mindset and then play mentor or trusted ally for some as they strengthen their skills. (Apparently, I was born with a winner’s mindset and have never thought like most everyone else. Although, it’s also true that I can do a personal pity party just as good anyone else.)

The first level of gold is the make-a-decision, know-what-you-want, go-for-the- gold-and-BELIEVE-level.

I assure you there is a lot of science that backs up the statement “if you believe, you can achieve.” The operative word is believe. And when you believe, there is no room for fear.

And I think that is the secret. Too many of us simply don’t believe. We don’t believe we too can be powerful. So we simply experience the fear. All the time. So much so that many of us have come to accept it as the norm.

I say poppycock.

We were all born for greatness. Most of us have no idea what lies dormant inside of us. Or how “powerful beyond measure” we can truly be. We just need a little push to explore it.

To your success!