Do YOU Believe?

Do you believe in YOURSELF?  This is a question I have been asked more and more frequently these days (in a business context), and I think my answer is non-specific enough to straddle personal and professional circumstances.

HOW Do You Believe in YOURSELF?

The chaotic unpredictability of life, especially these days, can shake our confidence in ourselves and our potential for handling the challenges that come our way. EmIright?

Thoughts of not having enough or being enough can make the smartest of us squirrely. Why is that? The short answer is:

We’ve forgotten all our strengths, wisdom, and resources.

So the real question is, how do we get back to believing in ourselves again?

Connect. Rest. Proclaim.


It is all about reminding ourselves of what we want—and then leaning into the feels of that. Instead of thinking about the money, the position, the thing, think about the feels. Specifically, the feelings you want once you get what you are striving for. Choose the feels, not the thing and focus there.


Step away from your battlefield. Leave the warring and the sparring alone. Find a place, real or imagined, where you can let go. Drop all the troubles from your mind and think ‘happy’ thoughts. Stay there for as long as necessary to REALLY clear your mind. A clear mind means a much clearer perspective.


Could you look at the person in the mirror and tell them they are fantastic? They never LOST any of their strength, wisdom, or resources. They do have courage; they conquered before and can do it again.

Then hold your head up, walk forward and fearlessly say yes to the next opportunity.

You might dismiss this as far too simple, easy and even silly. But, I assure you, it works.

Here’s to you believing in yourself again!