Changing Your Thinking As A Key To Business Growth

Change Your Thinking.  That three-word phrase embodies a very important part of the mantra and mission we have defined for ourselves at Bullet Proof.

It’s definitely a challenge to a lot of business people out there. And it really doesn’t imply the need to change for the sake of change but rather need to change out of necessity.

There are a number of situations that can flag the need for a change of thinking within a company:

• The internal dysfunction that can occur from thinking the same way for too long.
• Changes in the way customers go about being customers, which, with the advent of the Internet and eCommerce has been radical to say the least.
• The need to expand into other product or service areas which can make you a different kind of business.
• The need to manage growth in or the loss of business.
• The need to get your company in line with new technologies which will change the way you operate internally.

The list goes on. But the thing that they all have in common, is the fundamental need for a change in thinking that will eventually lead to new modes of execution, new methodologies to organize that change and the ongoing need to keep all stakeholders informed and aware.

Change Is Never Easy To Manage

As a business owner, you instinctively understand the necessity for change, because in today’s world there is no such thing as a genuinely stable business environment.

Competitive pressures are everywhere and strong. New technologies that make businesses more efficient are being developed and embraced all the time. Lagging behind can not only put a business at a competitive disadvantage, it can also create dysfunction from within because there will always be people who have a conservative attitude toward change.

The customer situation is constantly changing as they are being offered easy access to a wider range of products and services. So it’s very important that forward thinking businesses stay up to speed with not just what people are buying, but how they are actually going about it.

Your Own Vision Will Only Take You So Far

As the leader of your company, your job isn’t to micromanage every decision. Your job is to find the resources necessary to help you make the best decisions to power your vision going forward.

People inside your company are not always the best people to help actualize change. They are encumbered by the fact that they are dependent on you and will tend, more often than not to agree with you.

Professionals outside of your organization who can analyse, recommend, support and facilitate your vision do not have the same encumbrances. They will, in fact, challenge you. They will push you. They will argue with you. And they will be a much more effective acid test for your ideas.

With their experience and abilities, they will hone in on the challenges that your business is facing and through their skills, insights and objectivity, help you move forward in a way that will ensure, insofar as that is possible, your success.

Change Is The Only Constant

The world is moving fast. New products are being created daily. New alliances are being formed to strengthen the strong businesses. There is much more to keep on top of these days than there ever has been.

And likewise, the need to do this objectively, professionally and, ultimately, successfully is going to be the key to the future for many businesses.

And the engine that powers all this is the human mind, with it’s ability to think innovatively, critically, constructively, competitively and humanely.

All of this is all about the ability to change your thinking to adapt to the myriad of changes that this hyperactive world is constantly creating.  

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