Can You FEEL the Energy?

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We’ve made it to May. How do you feel? Notice the shift in your energy these days?

More specifically, do you sense your life has sped up? Suddenly things are showing up for you in maybe the best ways possible in a long time. Are you experiencing even a bit more breathlessness these days?

Welcome to the club! We are ALL feeling this way.

And what is the best way to handle it?

Let go! Loosen your desire to control everything and enjoy the exhilarating ride you are on.

Remember all the goals and objectives you set for this year? And these past four months when you thought NOTHING was happening?

What you didn’t see was what was happening in the background. And what you see these days are many of your dreams coming into form with lightning speed.

Our only job is to stay the course even if the pace feels dizzying. And yes, we might find we will change our minds a half dozen times or more. And all of that is just fine.

The most important thing we can do right now is make peace with the pace. If we ride this quickening energy, we will solve challenges quickly and effortlessly.

The absolute best way to use this energy is to let go of worry and stay mindfully present as you continue to take action.

Be you. Enjoy it all! Savour the ride.

To Your Success!

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