Ways to Manage Better

My tagline used to say, ‘Ideas and Thoughts to Bullet Proof Your Business Now.’ I changed it for 2024 to ‘Considering Ways to Manage Better.’

It was the easiest way to umbrella the three activities I am concentrating on this year. Only some people want to solidify and grow their businesses; not everyone cares about protecting the environment, and not everyone worries about improving every day.

Yet, that simple line, ‘considering ways to manage better,’ covers all three scenarios and more.

The one constant

We all know there is only one constant in life (after death and taxes). CHANGE. Although, to be fair, we are only sometimes aware of how things evolve within or around us.

Sometimes, the process is slow and organic and well within our control. Other times, though, its rapid pace is unnerving, unmooring, and entirely outside our control. Through it all, we are always, to some extent, on the hunt for a better way or a way to manage better.

Have you noticed that some of our best teachers are often NOT the exalted gurus?  Or those whose rank is superior to ours? Instead, our best teachers have done the work, walked through the hot coals, got to the other side and are still thrilled to give a hand to anyone who wants.

Yes, seriously!

I am no expert on solidifying and growing a business; I have hands-on experience with a few universal or evergreen methodologies. I am no David Suzuki or Jane Goodall. Yet, I have an insatiable curiosity and desire for plain speak and truth and trust that a well-run community is the better way to move forward.

And becoming a bit better every day? It seems I’ve been doing it every day of my life. It’s fair to say I have mastered the ability to fall in the poo and come up smelling like a rose.

Yet, change is unbelievably hard. For every single one of us. And we humans will generally go kicking and screaming all the way—no matter the stoic expression on our faces.

This month, January 2024, I am launching two things. (Even I can’t believe I was so bad at planning the month. There’s nothing like starting crazy strong or crazy stupid.) The 5Cs Community, which I’ve previously told you about. And the TAD Better Club.

The TAD Better Club directly results from everything I learned personally, beginning in my late teens and then becoming highly focused in 2015.  (The year I still refer to as ‘when I fell from the high perch of ego and crashed into the world of power’ adventure.) Last fall, I was a guest on a podcast, and something clicked between us. We’ve been plotting and scheming since then. We are launching on Monday and

I want to ask you a favour.

Think of someone in your life who is still struggling to get back up from a loss. (A loss of job, a loss of business, a loss of partner, of health, of home, money, livelihood or even just a drastic change in circumstances.) Think of those in your life who have a distinct lack of mojo, joie de vivre or zest and who you know could use some encouragement.

Please give them the link to www.tad-better.com and tell them you know this off-beat and very effective chick. They can test drive it at no cost, leave with a few skills they likely haven’t used AND get a copy of a small ebook I wrote jammed with nuggets of wisdom.

We all need a hand-up every once in a while. Yet our pride always gets in the way of our asking. By reaching out, noticing their plight, and offering them a bit of support, you can instantly have a profound effect on the people in your life. WITHOUT making them feel worse.

We are all in this crazy world together, dependent on one another, whether we choose to see it that way or not. With the Tad Better Club, I’d like to show everyone how to

  • have a good day despite the challenges,
  • feel worthy and loved and
  • come into their own level of personal power.

Thank you so much for helping me make this dream a reality.

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