The Truth Teller Part

I’ve been called the Truth Teller all my life. What that means is you get straight goods all the time. I won’t lie, and I don’t mince words either. I’ll tell you if I think your idea is good or if your idea needs refinement. I’m known to have a brain that cranks out ideas faster than a race car and for getting excited and passionate about building for the future. My secret sauce is I share the better ways forward, challenge your ideas and perspective and then deliver the simplest, easiest and sanest solutions possible.

What’s that got to do with the Planet?

Ever had an idea and found out you were ahead of the curve? Ahead of the curve for the place you were in. NOT ahead of the curve compared to someone else on the planet? That’s me.

In 2020 I decided to investigate the beast known as Climate Change. Not being a scientist, having never learned about what it was and not ever stepped a foot into government, I came at it searching for some bit of common sense, a whole lot of clear communication and wanting to understand what it meant so that I could fashion some kind of easy way forward.

First was the podcast. Then came the book. And then the global community.

News flash. Some kind of easy way forward does not exist. However, what does exist are two important things:

we can’t continue doing what we’ve always done.

moving forward, we must operate from the position that whatever we do must be in the highest good for all

there are so many pockets of success that are not being shared.

And that’s where I come in. The entire 5Cs empire is about shining a light. One the better ways forward. Which ultimately means good stewardship; lasting impact.

In the world of business

I get excited about helping people like you find and stand in their own power and then expand their empires. I’ve even been told I am simultaneously exhausting and invigorating and sometimes hard to keep up with.

You might believe that business is a battle — a serious and uphill fight for customers, the market, product excellence and profits. I believe business is a fun game and knowing the rules of the road and the road to take is where I excel. I help you navigate AND show you ways to not lose courage, faith, humanity, confidence and the spirit of the winner. (Where all that wisdom and experience came from is here.)

In other words, I help you find the right strategy and tactics and then support and inspire you to keep moving forward. I’ve been told I pave the way for my clients to succeed with a unique and personalized methodology, out-of-the-box thinking, humanity, nobility, and a brilliant mind.