The Month of CRAZY is on!

BulletProof Consulting

The month of crazy has arrived. December. When emotions are high, expectations are over the moon, extra funds are low, and energy levels quickly deplete. Y’know.

The fun holiday festive spirit is here again!

And one of the best ways to navigate this month is —

Pretend you are a dove and BE Peace.

Yup. I encourage you to drop the self-care practices, the mad guilty rush to be kind routines and the ever-present ‘be grateful’ diatribes. Simply. BE. Peace.

In other words, embrace the energy of Peace and allow compassion to warm your heart.

We all forget we have the power to generate Peace within us. And this month especially, I want to encourage you to quiet the turbulence within and try to embody tranquillity.

I know what I am asking seems strange, and it is not the coolest, easiest or shiniest thing to fill your days. Especially given some of the awful stuff many are enduring right now. But I do know it works.

Six years ago, I nearly died. And making Peace with being bruised, battered, and definitely not of sound mind – was, I assure you, one of the hardest things I ever did. So too, the years spent healing the neurons and the shame and guilt cards.

Here is what I learned:

1. Above, below, and all around you, much is happening to distract you. That is the part we all call Life. Of which, there is a massive racket in our lives.
AND despite this
2. We are called to engage it with the heart of a peacemaker.
How, you ask? By asking ourselves, “What would Peace do?” And, as is so often the case, when we don’t like the answer, we ask ourselves to find the will to agree to disagree.

The Peace we all seek rises within us and then spreads out into the world. Just as the Universe reminds us of the beauty, we have in harmonious existence with all that is.

By BEing at Peace, we relax into ourselves. We open ourselves up to the beauty inside and around us. And we see and feel how beautiful and powerful our compassionate heart is!

May Peace be yours this month of CRAZY and always.

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