The Final Quarter of 2021

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Have you noticed the urgency of the emails pummeling your inbox about making the last quarter super fantastic? As if you can use their magic juice and suddenly stumble forward at warp speed? Honestly, it’s all POPPYCOCK.

Highly successful organizations are NOT ruled by the fluctuations and fears of the quarter. Never! Highly successful organizations are ruled by the re-estimate of their budget, their latest roadmap on how to get to the endpoint.

Having led a few highly successful organizations and helped a few get better, I have a good idea about how they think and act. Today, I want to share with you one brilliant nugget which when used consistently – will get you to the other side.

Take a piece of paper. Write —

Today, the five things I must get done are and list the five things.

Now prioritize them. Mark each of the five as first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

Begin with priority number one. Don’t move to priority number two until one is complete or nearly done.

At the end of the day, look at that list. What did you accomplish? High five yourself. What did you do today that was NOT on that list. Why?

Look at that list and know, before you finish today, what you are going to do tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, repeat from “Take out a piece of paper.”

Do this every single day for a week and a month. At the end of the time period, be amazed at how effectively you have finished your to-dos.

If your handwriting has disintegrated over the years, (confession time: I can’t even read my own some days) you might find this Daily Get Er Done Sheet helpful.

Here’s the thing. Despite the distractions, the social media sidebars and the family/business co-mingling, human beings are quite capable of getting s%^t done. The trick is to focus on the right s%^t. And whether you have five, ten, fifty things to do, every single day, most humans can only successfully accomplish one thing. But fifty days of one thing a day means fifty things get done. The power really is in your hands.

What do YOU want to accomplish in this last quarter?

Write down your intentions. Organize them by priority.

Then every single day, zero in on JUST them.

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