The Chief Empathy Officer Part

Y’know those people who seem to fall in the sh*t and keep getting back up? I’m one of them. My friends and colleagues would watch me. Admiringly and also skeptically. Y’see, nothing ever stopped me. Slowed me down, yes. Stopped me. NOPE.

Until the spring of 2015

I was felled by a virus called streptococcal meningitis.  It gifted me with two seizures, two strokes and a week in a coma.  In retrospect, parts of me had to be destroyed to allow the best parts to come forward. 

As part of my self-prescribed rehab, I I spent five years immersed in a deep study of how our brain works.  So, I read papers published by some of North America’s finest psychotherapists, psychologists, neuroscientists and psychiatrists.  Then I interviewed some of the top ones located in Ontario.  Once I had absorbed as much as I could, I went on to study the more esoteric fields of energy healers and lightworkers and then finished with a good dose of how athletes, actors and businesspeople get to be at the top of their game.  Through it all, I watched countless videos, read too many books to mention, and listened to many podcasts. 

I got to do what so many would LOVE to do.  Not worry about making money, and spend years immersed in discovery about how in general, the brain works. The reason I did all this was because I wanted to get my own brain back into shape after the seizures, strokes and coma. Still today, my doctors call me a minor medical miracle. Very little of the damage remains.

What I found particularly fascinating is that regardless of the loss or trauma most people go through, the reactions and the recoveries follow a similar path or trajectory.  First, there is always a gut punch, fear and then sadness.  Which almost immediately goes into shame, nearly simultaneously then anger and, if left unchecked, into rage. The two biggest unknowns which influence the person’s ability to get back to ‘normal’ are the amount of time it will take and the level of determination of the person involved.  No two people are ever alike, so there are no simple answers.

So I decided to bundle into bite sized pieces everything I learned. That the four inches between our ears is a most valuable piece of real estate we own. That absolutely nothing happens TO us; it happens FOR us. That for all the talk about ‘leadership’, it begins and ends with us. It’s truly an inside job. And there are many many lies we’ve been told over the years that once we strip them away, we realize our potential is limitless.

There are two opportunities to work with me to discover many of these secrets. (They’re not really secrets; more ancient learnings now backed by science.) The Tad Better Club and the Sisters Community. Go here.