The Big Reveal

Today is the big reveal, so I am keeping this week’s opinion piece very short.

The exercise in rebranding is finally finished. It has only taken me nearly fourteen years to get to this stage! (Very typical, by the way, for all those who begin a business and then pivot a few times.)

May I invite you to look at the new home of BulletProof Your Business Now?

Please go ahead and use this link.

I have never, not once, not ever, completed a project on time AND within budget. Regardless of how many thousands or millions of dollars were involved. Sometimes things could get done on time; other times, on budget. But never both. It’s just not possible — especially where technology is concerned. So, I was still, yet again, flabbergasted, one more time, at all the strange things that cropped up trying to get this puppy put to bed.

Here are some observations and lessons

(and I still haven’t mastered them completely)

1. Every single one of us has one thing we are good at. And we expect those we can help to accept our advice and counsel. So why do we get so rude, nasty, and annoying in not taking help when offered or in uttering our own misguided opinions?

2. Why do we freak out about the measly cents of things when we should focus on the approximate total of the whole project? Nickle and diming never work after any assignment begins.

3. Why does it take us so damn long to appreciate that excellent quality begets excellent quality? And cheap and cheerful delivers cheap and cheerful?

Anyhoo…. this was launched at about a 90% pass rate. Because I believe if you don’t launch when you’ve got most things perfect to 80% to 90%, you will never launch. And hopefully, by the time you get to check it out, it will be 100%. So if you do notice an error, would you do me a solid and let me know? Thank you.

Next week, I’ll tell you the tale of the Knights and, as one of my friends says, my very own King Arthur’s Round Table.

Spinning mirror ball for BPYBN