Start Thinking about Life Post-Covid. Now.

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Post-Covid you say?  When we are still physically distancing?  YES.  It is now time to switch gears. From the day to day firefighting to the long term new realities. Because failing to plan is planning to fail. Let me explain.

Right now

We have been closeted for six weeks. We likely have another four more weeks, at least. Yet, look at where we are today!

We have discovered the most significant thing in our lives is our relationships with the people for whom we care the most. Most of us have learned how to get by with less.  Many have rediscovered the joys of home cooking. And we now have pristinely clean houses, lawns and gardens completely debris-free, and kids playing in the online learning space.

We found we have a fixation for walking or bike riding and jigsaw puzzles and neighbourhood driveway dance parties. Each night, we celebrate the front line workers with great fanfare and we have even developed a bit more kindness and patience — for most days. The government has tried to keep so many afloat, and local experts are stepping up with free advice and support.

Many of us are rediscovering who we are, what makes us strong, what our contribution to the world really is and how we can make a difference. The creativity and resilience of so many are breathtaking, indeed.

Not for a minute will I ignore the staggeringly long lines at the (virtual) unemployment office, the food banks, and the shelters. Although so many are relatively unscathed, there are still too many with ravaged lives right now. Yet, the generosity, creativity and empathy Canadians are showing for one another is outstanding.

We are all in this together. And there is no doubt we will all get thru this together.

The next four to twelve weeks

If you are a business owner or senior leader, you need to change your focus from getting by today to thriving Post-Covid. I say this because, after every crisis, the old normals never magically come back.

Post-Covid, we can expect work, school, retail and so many other activities to stay in the online space. Household income and corporate spending will be hit hard for quite some time. Buying/spending tastes and behaviours will forever be changed. The now collapsed hospitality, live acts and entertainment industries could take a year or more to rebound.

It is difficult to see business travel boomeranging to historic levels since virtual meetings are more convenient and much less expensive. A large chunk of commercial leasing appears to be doomed. There will be a re-think of all low paying jobs. Multi-managing one’s home, kids, and caregiving duties with a career will finally be appreciated and respected. Even the definition of an acceptable profit level and ROI for shareholders will change.

I guarantee the impact on you and your business will be significant and permanent. And getting thru to the other side will be a challenge. That is why I developed the Post-Covid Success Plan. It is not a strategy. It is not an operating plan. In fact, it is nothing like the usual stuff we all do to manage our businesses.

Your Post-Covid Success Plan is the guiding principles and steps/actions you will follow to stay on track after this crisis. It is a way of life. Your new way of life.

What’s in it for you?

If you believe that history is a great teacher, here are some statistics. 5% of all companies will have a Success Plan. They are the ones who will make it thru Still Standing Strong. Another 10% of all companies will have a basic idea and will make it — bruised, battered and a shell of their former glory. Maybe in a few years, they will begin to climb back up. Another 10% will muddle along. No plan, no strength, no profits. Eventually, they will collapse. And 50% of the businesses we had pre-Covid will collapse inside of eighteen months.

These are the real stats I have personally witnessed having weathered crises caused by war, recessions, SARs, and hyperinflationary economies, as well as product lines tanking, fire marshals calling for closing the business, insurance companies exiting markets completely, and even paddling when there is no money left on the credit line.

I learned two big lessons. There are always options, especially when times seem the bleakest. And never bet on the status quo for innovation.

I want you to explore and understand your options and then uncover a new path unique to you because I want you to be part of the 5% who make it to the other side. Still Standing Strong. Please don’t miss out. And should you know someone who could benefit from having a Post-Covid Success Plan, do them a favour and forward this post.

Developing your Post-Covid Success Plan is the best thing you can do during the next four to twelve weeks. The degree of success you will have in the future depends on it. Let me help you develop one.  Start here and then book your best time.


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