What IS Climate Anxiety?

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What IS Climate Anxiety?

With guest, Eric Windhorst, a registered psychotherapist specializing in eco-psychology we discuss the concept of climate or eco anxiety and cover the following main points. 

Understanding Eco Anxiety: A real, deep-seated dread or despair about the state of our planet. It’s a term that’s been gaining traction since 2017, reflecting our growing awareness of the emotional toll of climate change.

Who’s Most Affected?: Interestingly, Eric pointed out that eco anxiety seems to hit younger generations harder. Teens and 20-somethings, who are growing up amidst constant discussions about climate change, often grapple with a sense of instability and uncertainty about their future as do those persons up to around 45 years old.

The Ecological Self: We delved into the idea of the ‘ecological self’ – the interconnectedness of all beings and the planet. It’s a concept that’s echoed in quantum physics and spiritual traditions, pointing to a profound sense of oneness.

The Challenge of Open-Heartedness: Living with an open heart in a world full of pain and suffering is no easy task. Eric emphasized the importance of processing this pain, as it paves the way for compassion and meaningful action.

Reconnecting with the World: We discussed the work of Joanna Macy on reconnecting with the world’s pain and the need for support in this process. Eric believes that opening our hearts and reconnecting with each other and the land is the way forward, despite the pain and grief involved.

These two organizations were mentioned — The Climate Psychology Alliance of North America as well as the global Climate Psycholgy Alliance


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