Trash or Treasure? Rethinking Recycling

The 5Cs
The 5Cs
Trash or Treasure? Rethinking Recycling

This two-part series begins a deep dive into recycling and waste management.  With guest Simar Bedi, the owner of Sol Recycling, we chat about how he and others like him are breaking the mould in the recycling industry. 

Simar shed light on the constant evolution of recycling, with new materials becoming recyclable. He emphasized the need for innovative solutions to divert waste from landfills, a concept overlooked mainly due to the vested interests of waste companies in landfills.

What’s fascinating about Sol Recycling is that it’s a recycling company, not a waste company. They’ve even brought waste converter technology from Italy to Canada! Simar explained that recycling is relatively new in Canada, and the lack of progress can be attributed to a lack of knowledge and the abundance of land for landfilling.

In contrast, many places in Europe have adopted waste-to-energy systems and fines for excessive waste production. This approach makes consumers responsible for waste and incentivizes them to reduce it. It starkly contrasts the Canadian system, where waste management is paid for through taxes, but there’s no targeted fine system for excessive waste production.

These ideas aren’t new. They’ve been proven successful in other industries, companies, cultures and companies. It’s all about integrated intelligence – applying wisdom and experience from different sources to improve our businesses and lives.

You can find Simar Bedi here and do  ask for a waste audit with Sol Recycling here.

Learn more about integrated intelligence here. 

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