The Secrets of a Fair Economy

The 5Cs
The 5Cs
The Secrets of a Fair Economy

Christian Felber is a champion of the common good, and he’s got some fascinating insights.  Among them, 

The Common Good: Christian has written three bestsellers on this topic. He believes in a society where the common good is prioritized over individual wealth. He’s not just theorizing; he’s seen it in action in certain countries.

Limiting Inequality: Christian argues that unchecked inequality is undemocratic and harmful to society. His solution? A democratic approach to setting income limits through tax laws. It’s a radical idea that could change the way we think about wealth distribution.

Different Types of Inequality: Not all inequalities are created equal. Christian distinguishes between them and believes that there should be no room for discrimination.

Alternative Economic Models: Christian is a big fan of the degrowth, social and solidary economy, and circular economy models. He believes these models can lead us to a more sustainable and equitable future.

The Common Good Balance Sheet: Over 1000 companies are already using this tool to assess their ethical considerations. It’s a promising sign that businesses are starting to take the common good seriously.

Spreading the Message: Christian believes in the power of education to change mindsets. He also sees the potential in a country developing a common good product as a game changer.


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