From Suits to Sustainability; Finance to Fulfillment

The 5Cs
The 5Cs
From Suits to Sustainability; Finance to Fulfillment

Roger Brenninkmeyer of PECO gets up close and personal and discusses his transition from traditional business professional to a champion of social enterprise and sustainability. Roger shares his realization of the environmental impact of his work, leading to a shift towards value-based business practices. Despite initial setbacks with “Branding for Good,” he found success with “Riverstone Branding” by focusing on authentic branding. Roger’s journey culminates in his excitement for his new venture, PECO Plastic Essence Collaborative, in Vancouver, reflecting his commitment to making a positive environmental impact.

In this very vulnerable episode, we uncover

-The Rush of New Beginnings

-Pivotal Moments

-Embracing Authenticity

-The Struggle and Success of Transitioning

Ultimately Roger’s  journey from capitalism to social enterprise and sustainability is a narrative of personal growth and the challenges that come with it. It’s a candid exploration of what it means to align your career with your values and the profound impact such alignment can have on your life and the world. 

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