From Despair to Empowerment

The 5Cs
The 5Cs
From Despair to Empowerment

In the second episode of this three part series,  we delve into the heart of climate anxiety and how it’s being recognized (or not) in healthcare systems. 

Our guest, Eric Windhorst has a unique approach to therapy and focuses on the connection between our inner nature (our authentic self) and outer nature (the interconnectedness of the natural world). He likens himself to a “greenhouse,” fostering growth and healing in his clients.  We cover:

The Power of Being Centered

Witnessing and Supporting Suffering

Climate Anxiety – A Healthy Response

Embracing Pain and Grief

This is the link to the Good Grief Network   You may also find resources here  The Climate Psychology Alliance of North America or here  Climate Psycholgy Alliance


And you can find Eric Windhorst most days here  and socially on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn 


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