Choosing Truth over Propoganda

The 5Cs
The 5Cs
Choosing Truth over Propoganda

With guest Mike Vera, we  begin a look into climate anxiety from the point of view of influence in the information environment.  


Mike is a board certified wellness coach with a pragmatic and commonsensical approach to life.  

Listen in to this first of three in a series about Climate Anxiety where he emphasizes —

1.   the importance of awareness of propaganda in various areas of life and 

2.   the need for healthy skepticism when consuming information. 


Mike Vera holds a Master’s of Science degree specialized in Sport Psychology, Performance Enhancement, and Injury Prevention. As the founder of Red Pill Health & Wellness, he is fervently dedicated to debunking health myths and empowering individuals with scientifically accurate information. His unparalleled approach centers on understanding the influence of propaganda, guiding clients in controlling their environment and thoughts to achieve their health objectives. A staunch advocate for critical thinking, Mike’s philosophy stands as a beacon for those eager to assert control over their well-being.


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