Playing Big or Playing Safe

I learned a few things about bending one’s mind the other week and thought you might find some of it interesting.  Play Big or Play Safe. Just Play.

For three days, a bunch of us huddled in front of the computer screen, attending a sales and mindset masterclass. (Fortunately, about six hours of advertising and testimonials were sprinkled throughout selling the next-level course. So there was ample opportunity to skip out and clear my head.)

I was there to learn how to sell high-ticket offers.

Knowing the time was right, I finally decided to up my game. I bravely took in my $150K offer. This was the fantasy offer I had been messing with for four years—fifteen days spread over six or nine months.

The first question we were all asked was, what would happen if you doubled your offer? Then, assuming you got the correct language to sell your offer, what would you need to do to make it real?

It took me about fifteen minutes to get comfortable with the concept of doubling my offer. Finally, I decided I didn’t need to know what the offer would look like. It was more about accepting whether I could sell one. I decided I could.

This was the first lesson.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you can or can’t. When you think you can, the world opens up for you to another level or two or three. You’ve heard about scaring yourself silly and getting entirely out of your comfort zone, right? Well, selling a $300K offer scared the bejeezus out of me.

And here’s what happened. My intuition kicked in. And said, you’ve never been able NOT to do something important to you in your life. What’s different now? NOTHING. So why not?

The second lesson was even more profound.

I decided that whatever I could come up with, I didn’t have to do it alone. Now, this might seem a bit trite on the surface. Because there is every good chance, you’ve heard me say that the best thing we can all do is swallow our pride and ask for help. However, there is a second part to the swallow our pride bit. We must give ourselves permission to not know, to explore, drop our guard and play the role of a new learner, which is easier said than done. I realized the only way I could deliver on a $300K offer was to allow others to be on the team. My best role has always been the black widow spider, sitting on her web, pulling the requisite strands of silk. This offer would be no different.

The third lesson was all about trust.

Trust that the idea you vehemently believe in will cause the world to open, AND the strangest things will come barrelling into your life. Because the simple act of trusting removes all the preconceived barriers and judgments. Within three days of finishing that three-day masterclass, I counted ten different opportunities that miraculously appeared out of thin air. At first glance, none of them seemed connected. However, a closer look revealed a path of footprints taking me directly in the direction I wanted to go.

There is absolutely nothing special about me. I have the same talents and foibles as you. Whatever I can do, you can too.

So, please think about this –

  • What would happen if you doubled your offer? Or doubled your life plans? In other words, are you playing big enough for your clients, family and friends? Most of us play safe and small. Life is too short. What would happen if you played bigger?
  • If you were to drop your ego and stop pretending you have to know everything, do everything, and be everything, what more significant possibilities could take place for you? Far too many of us get stuck in a rut, whether in business or personal life. We play the martyr, the saviour, the all-seeing know-it-all, and even the strong one. What would happen if you pretended you were a child or an early student and saw everything clearly for the first time? Can you give yourself permission to experiment and fall?
  • Can you trust that what you don’t know and what you can’t do, do NOT matter? Can you trust that someone or something will turn up at precisely the right time and show you the next step? If you answer no, can you think about what you need to happen to make it true?

I am working through my $300K offer. I certainly don’t have it figured out entirely. Yet, strangely confident and comfortable, I know I can pull it off. It feels right.

Can you play BIGGER in some area of your own life? I’ll wager you will amaze yourself with what you accomplish.

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