Marinating Your Bourguignon

I finally figured out marinating!  Bear with me.

The only way we can truly muster something worthwhile is to draw from our lived experience! Yup, that’s this week’s topic in a nutshell.

See, I have been mulling around an idea for about ten years. It’s a different way to present how to start, scale, grow or even sell your business. 

The reason it took ten years

Was because of the requirement to manage through a bunch of mistakes and strengthen my mental toughness. I needed to wait until I could ‘see’ what it was I wanted to convey. I needed a decade to marinate it all.

Those ten years made me humble, allowed me to understand how people think, fine-tune my ideas and then wait for the best time to launch them.

Ten years which had NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with marinating — the right juices, at the right temperature for the right period. (Sounds much like a French bourguignon, a la Julia Child, right?)

I have a friend who is going through a bad patch right now. Her business is not where she wants it to be, she has made several U-turns over the past three years, and she is nearing her breaking point because her ideas haven’t come to fruition. The simple answer is, she needs to marinate a bit more.

She can’t be the person she wants to be while holding on to what she used to be. Neither can you. Nor me.

We all need to release what we used to be to make room for what we want to be.

There is always a correlation between what you see, what you expect to see, what you intend consciously, and what you project unconsciously. All of us must go ‘through a phase.’

Some of us have much better phases than others. Some of us have horribly awful phases. The point of the phase is for us to come through to the other side and know in our bones; this is our Eureka moment.

Here is what you want to ponder

If your business is not what you want, or your life is giving you more pain than pleasure, or if you are still flailing and struggling in an area, answer one question. What piece of your old life are you desperate to cling to?

You can’t hang on to who you were if you want to become who you aren’t yet, but you can be. Let go of the ring behind you and grab the ring in front of you.

Marinating.  It’s a simple thing — not an easy thing. I have faith you can do it!

Here’s to your wild success!

change your thinking for the better