Do You FUSS over your Customers?

In the last post, I introduced you to my friend with the golden voice. He also has a golden pen. And it turns out he and I share more than a few common concepts about how customers should be treated.

I have my ‘make love to your customers’ philosophy and he has his make a FUSS creation. We use different words yet we mean exactly the same thing. Mike Hanson spells out his entire philosophy here. Let me give you the Coles notes version in one paragraph.

How often does your customer say, write, text, gasp or even sputter the words Fantastic, Unbelievable, Sensational, or even, wow that is great Service! (Yes indeed, that was a serious question.) How often does ANY customer, write, whisper, gasp, text, leave you a message, with whatever kinds of words come close to FANTASTIC, UNBELIEVABLE, SENSATIONAL, SUPER?

If you can honestly say, every day, then congratulations! You have mastered the art of FUSSing. However, if you do not hear those words or even words that come close very often, then lean in close.

Under Promise Over Deliver

This is a very old fashioned concept.  It has been around for centuries because it works.  First, it is important to understand its fundamental principle. Business is Personal.

Every business is nothing more than a collection of People. And people are human beings who have a natural desire to want to excel and succeed.

The best way to treat people is to treasure them like family members. Deem them equals (irrespective of age, gender or race), naturally accord them a level of respect and expect them to rise to a level of responsibility that surprises even them.

Once those conditions are in place, Mike says, you and your team are now free to under promise and over deliver.

You can do this by

• Looking for and exploiting extraordinary service opportunities.
• Studying and understanding your customers’ businesses; not just the category you or your industry put them in.
• Anticipating problems your customer’s face, finding solutions and presenting them WITHOUT waiting to be asked.
• Demonstrating a serious and sincere interest in solution delivery. (both technological AND human)
• Differentiating in meaningful ways to help your customers value your unique or unexpected service.
• Following up on progress regularly and requesting customer assessments of your efforts.
• Listening!

These days I hear many business owners moaning about the changes that have taken place in their market place over the last ten years and how the delays and slowdowns seem to be a new and insurmountable reality. I say Rubbish. Learn from the successes and failures of yesteryear.

Staying close to your customer has never gone out of style. FUSSing over them will always be in. Being a fantastic Leader of people will forever be a skill you need.

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To your success!