Right Now — How Is Your Focus?

BulletProof Consulting
Most of the business people I serve right now are having issues staying focussed. Life still feels chaotic and cRaZy these days, right? Which is leading to colossal feelings of frazzle and overwhelm. Yet, this is excellent news. Because these mood swings are our body’s way of coping so they are a very normal state considering what we have all been through these last few months. I’d like to share some ideas to help you put things into perspective.

Your Moods ARE Normal

Our collective brains and mental states have indeed been recalibrated. We all need to take a deep breath and acknowledge that feeling stressed and anxious, coupled with a lack of focus, is entirely reasonable. Especially right now. You are not a bad person for feeling less than — you are healthy. And you are not alone. We are ALL feeling that way.

The Rules HAVE Changed

The current way we conduct our business — with masks and sanitizers and a preoccupation with safety – for ourselves, our teams and our family – is not going to go away any time soon. We must settle in for a stretch of at least 18 months of never before done routines. This means we all must get used to doing everything physically distanced or virtually, upgrading our leadership skills, finding new ways to solve old problems, and constantly searching for different ways to serve our customer base.

Here is one hint. Use the old fashioned method talking one on one with the other person. Either on the telephone or in a zoom room. Engage your most exceptional listening skills and look for ways to help the other person — in any facet of their world.

Look at Your WHY

Many years ago, you established your business for a specific purpose. Take a look at that purpose and determine if it is still relevant. Take two hours in a quiet space and examine yourself for the reasons behind why you do what you do. Once upon a time, we were taught everything is about ME. The world revolved around what I was taught, how I was told the best ways to do things and what effort I needed to put forth in order to do what I want. Right?

Well, over time, most of us figure out it is better to flip the ME to WE. And over time, most of us learn that focusing on helping our world, as opposed to helping ourselves, is the ultimate. So if you have always had a big hairy audacious goal to do something for the world (whatever that means to you), put that into your why. Because it makes what you are doing every day that much easier to manage.

Reduce Your Tasks to Only ESSENTIAL

We all have massive to-do lists because we all learned early on the only way to accomplish everything was to itemize and prioritize. And the sad fact for all of us is that our to-do list never diminishes. It seems to constantly expand. And on those days when we actually see a list with 50% having been finally finished, we feel like miracle workers!

The truth is carrying around (either online, in our heads or on paper) a massive to-do list is depressing. Because it continually reminds us of how we simply won’t ever measure up. The trick today is to reduce that list to the bare essentials. What I have seen time and time again (with my Post-COVID Success Plan) is the significant reduction in anxiety and stress when we pay strict attention to ONLY the essentials. Our focus comes back, there is a lightness about us and we are reinvigorated again.

You are a human being, not a robot being. Now is the time to reclaim your fundamental essence.

You know my intention is never to pile more stuff on you and increase your pain. My intention is to be your trusted ally and resource. Someone you can count on for solid and easily manageable advice. And to be there when you need help the most. When you feel the time is right, reach out. I am always happy to serve.

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