Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings

I regularly publish tips, tricks, and shortcuts covering all manner of business.  With one objective.  To inspire you with solid, tried and true ways about finding and keeping more profit in your business.  Just for today, I will change gears a bit.  Today is about managing your wayward emotions, thoughts and feelings.  

Significant Metamorphosis

Over the last few months, a few clients, a family member and even myself have been going thru what I will call, for lack of a better term, ‘significant metamorphosis’.  What a polite term to describe businesses that are having problems, leaders having major health issues, executives with careers that now appear stalled or near retirement, folks in the early stages of devastating divorces and even a few who are looking at making significant changes to their business focus. All the personal stuff we try valiantly to hide in a closet as we spend 8 to 12 hours fighting the good fight.

Of course, I am referring to all the personal crap that bleeds into our day to day business side of life.  The garbage that robs us of our rational thinking patterns because it harnesses and hijacks our thought brain cells.  The disorientation and discombobulation that we call life – those curveballs from which we can’t seem to escape.  Those periods of time in which we question and doubt the fibre and core of what we stand for, what we failed to accomplish, what we will NEVER finish and yes, even whether we will EVER measure up. 

And So

Somehow we are supposed to ignore the swirling mass of emotions, thoughts and feelings in our head, and simply hunker down and get on with it.  IT being the 8 to 12 hours of ‘real work’, important work, vital work we convince ourselves will never get done unless ONLY we attack it with gusto. Right. This. Minute. 

Yet despite working like maniacs, and then over or under eating, drinking, binging and what have you, why is it in the wee hours, when we are trying desperately to count those infernal sheep, all manner of loud and annoying swirling emotions, feelings and thoughts stampede right to the front of our existence?  And we can’t seem to shut them down.

One thing that DOES work

Lately, I have found myself using and passing along one particular piece of advice.  I learned it just last year.  Believe me when I say I wish I learned it thirty years ago.  It is simple and applicable to just about any situation.  And is what I am sharing with you today.

Many coaches and gurus and wise people talk about ‘mindset’.  Between you and me, I honestly have no idea what a good or bad mindset is. Frankly, I am quite leery when I hear anyone proclaim they can change mindsets. Because I believe you either want to change or you don’t.  It is YOUR decision and there is nobody who can make you do anything.

What I do know for sure is we all carry a whole bunch of useless garbage and emotions floating around in the mental cavity we call our brains. And our brains can become totally overloaded when we are bombarded with ‘significant metamorphosis.’  

Time for a Clean Sweep

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to sweep out some of that useless garbage.  Kinda like a regular ‘light dusting’ or a ‘mop and go’  exercise.  And while we will never clean all of it away, a simple ‘wet mop’ in the corners always works wonders!

We ALL get stuck in ‘significant metamorphosis’ stages of life and during those times, the number one person we need to attend to is the person in the mirror.  OURSELF.  Believe it or not, the best, the simplest and hardest thing to do is to forgive that person!  The Hawaiian’s have something called —


It means “the Forgiveness Prayer”.  It is just four lines. I learned the prayer last year, have used it myself, and have shared it with many many people since  — professionally and personally.  The reaction is always the same. 

It clears away a lot of the useless garbage that floats around in our mental cavity. Seriously.  It will help clear your mind and calm your soul. That is why I want to share it with you. These are the four lines. 

I am sorry.
I love you.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

This month’s Random Act of Business Kindness is a 20-minute recording of this Hawaiian prayer.  Listen to it whenever you feel the need to sweep out the corners of your cluttered mind.  I don’t know how or why it works. I just know the Hawaiian people have something that is foolproof and I want you to have it.  Especially if meditation, yoga, and the usual stress-reduction measures aren’t your thing. It really does work. 

A good way to calm your self is to lasso your emotions, thoughts and feelings.  You do that by forgiving and then loving yourself.

I promise you.  Your success level will rise!

Change Your thinking for the better