Branding: The Tail of the Nights

Branding and refreshes.

Last week, I shared with you my rebranding. And if you were one of the many who generously played tester or sent me helpful comments, here’s a huge thank you from my heart to yours.

I also promised to tell you how The Knights of the Round Table found their way into my branding.

This is the tale!

I have an amazingly talented fine-art artist friend on the east coast. I asked her to develop a concept that stood for everything I did. The only things I specified were the colours (Lapis Lazuli Blue and Gold) and the feel (elegant, yet sassy.)  She sent me two concepts. I liked both and could not choose. She chose the Knights.

This is what she saw

“‘Business is a serious and uphill battle for customers, the market, product excellence and profits. In this battle, we are fighting for survival. And your mission is to help entrepreneurs in this battle not to lose courage, faith, humanity, confidence and the spirit of the winner. You help your clients find the right strategy and tactics, support them and inspire them to move forward. You pave the way for them to succeed.”

She went on — “I feel that this theme perfectly reflects your unique methodology, out-of-the-box thinking (which made a deep impression on me from our first conversation!), humanity, nobility, and brilliant mind and make the presentation of your business stylish and elegant.”

Two things I know 

1. To become a Knight of the Round Table, one of the many things the person had to do was exhibit the four fundamental values of Honour, Honesty, Valour and Loyalty.

These four values are how I have lived my entire life. I highly esteem my clients (and family and friends) and honour them at every chance. I have been speaking truth to power forever — and have also frequently gotten in trouble because honesty can cut when saying it the wrong way. Those who know me know I have valour – the strength of mind and spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness. And loyalty. Yeah, I am that person who sticks with her clients, her friends and her family through all the highs and lows, staying by their side regardless of the circumstances. Rarely am I the first to leave the relationship.

2.   About a year ago, I had a past life reading. Out of the sixteen lives described, the one that stayed with me was playing top general, wearing full armour, riding a horse, and leading my troupes into battle.

Some days the synchronicities or kismet are so strong we can’t make this stuff up!

And that is the tail of the nights. Oops. Tale of the Knights.

I help businesses grow, scale and expand their empires. With solutions that are well-designed, elegant AND massively profitable. Using old-fashioned values, modern common sense and a huge heaping of style and sass.

So — I’ve got to ask the question. Do you know any business owners looking to expand their operations? I’d love for you to introduce me to them.

PS … Some days, I love to geek out on the English language. Double dare you to count how many tails, tales, nights and Knights were used in this piece! No wonder English is one of the most complex languages to learn. Because branding should never be boring.

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