Post-COVID Success — On Your Way Yet?

Charnge Your Thinking

I am delighted to be on the receiving end of some massively positive stories about achieving Post-COVID success.  They implement their plans and are already repeating results.  Let’s talk about that!

You know I am passionately devoted to cross-functional thinking and activities. In every organization. Simply put, I believe no one person has all the answers. Every single person on the team has a valuable opinion about something and that opinion belongs in the mix. Only then can the best decisions come into existence for the good of the entire organization.

So too, is it in my world. No one outsider or consultant or mentor will ever be able to solve ALL the issues a business person faces. However, groups filled with experience paths different from your own can be super beneficial. And THAT is what is driving my note today. Each of the readers in my group has a valuable opinion about something. I want to share two for you to consider in your own world.

In order to get through this COVID thing and make it still standing on the other side, all of us must develop new levels of personal innovation, persistence and a sense of urgency to adapt quickly. Many are still stuck in fear mode. Many others have and are taking off and soaring.  Their Post-COVID Success actions are breathtaking.

I have a Canadian friend who is an artist. She is in high demand. She has had a particular client for 15 years – drawing their chair illustrations for their ergocentric seating products. In that entire period of 15 years, she has NEVER met anyone in person and nor has she gone to the company’s brick and mortar facilities. In her words, “they email me photos and I produce the illustrations and email them back. My contact person there has changed 10 times and there has never been any need for me to go in or visit them in person.”

Think about her comments

Now that we are all immersed in the age of remote working and physical distancing. I believe there are a few reasons for her 15-year streak of success with this customer. She is a superb communicator, she delivers on time and on budget and she always goes the extra mile or three. Do you?

I also have an American friend who is a brilliant consultant marketing master. He has worked solo for more than 25 years. And recently he made a huge change to deal with the new reality he lives in. In his words,

“6 weeks ago I had no employees. Now I have a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.
Because she asked the question, “Do you have a plan I can read?” I now have one.
The major project I’d been putting off for months got finished in three weeks.
My Blog subscriptions have quadrupled because of one simple idea she added to my social media activities.
Last week she told me about a course on SEO and Social Media she was taking. I told her to use part of the time I’m paying her to take the course and to study. She did.
I found a note with an idea that will save us time and money in the Chat of Microsoft Teams which I acquired to make it easy for us to work together.

The moral of this story:

1. When you pivot, go all in and make sure your team understands what you are doing.
2. Measure team members by what they deliver and help them maximize their skills”

His story reinforces my belief – when you conceive and believe in something, you can achieve. Can I share with you the real kicker to his story?

He will never see his seventieth birthday again! In other words, no matter what age, sex and stage of life or business you are in – the six inches between your ears is the most valuable piece of real estate you own.

So, let me ask you a question.

What are you achieving right now for your Post-COVID Success?

If you are not seeing the results you would like, I have an easy to understand, easy to use framework. I am delighted at how it is already helping many make progress and I would be happy to discuss it with you. Call me or book a time to chat.

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